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Wood Pellet Storage

Wood pellets are fast becoming one of the most popular renewable energy sources within the UK and wood pellet storage is an important factor for those taking up this type of fuel.

Generally manufactured from compacted sawdust and wood waste, pellets are produced with an extremely low humidity content which allows them to be burned to a very high efficiency and heat. Due to the low moisture content, typically between 5-10%, it is important to correctly store wood pellets in a dry and cool area. If the wood pellets were exposed to moisture than they will become unusable and ineffective.

Commercial wood pellet storage options

For non-domestic wood pellet users it is essential to have a storage unit in place that will be able to keep large amounts of fuel safely kept away from moisture. There are commercial pellet storage tanks available which can be safely placed outside of your building. The storage unit will then transport the fuel to the boiler by an automatic feed system. This type of unit will need filling up approximately once a day and is much cleaner than traditional solid fuel units.

Alternatively, you can have the wood pellet fuel store included as part of your boiler installation. Energy Cabins, or Heat Cabins as they are sometimes known, are portable units than combine both the boiler system and wood pellet store. Quick and easy to install, Energy Cabins are positioned alongside your building and connected to your existing heating system. The wood pellet fuel can then be delivered in bulk to this unit and safely stored away from the elements.

Domestic wood pellet storage options

For domestic users burning relatively small amounts of pellets to provide heating and hot water, there are a couple of storage options. Firstly, you could buy the pellets in a bag and store them conveniently near your pellet stove or boiler. Bags of wood pellets could also be stored in an existing bunker or store, as long as they are kept away from any moisture. Secondly, you could install a pellet storage unit. Either built outside the house or fitted as part of the boiler, the storage unit then feed the boiler with fresh pellets through an automatic system.

Whether you wish to install a new wood pellet storage unit or use an existing store, it is essential that the wood pellets are kept in a dry and cool area. Your pellets will then be in the optimum condition when you are ready to burn them and enjoy the efficient power that this type of fuel provides. For more information on wood pellet storage and your options please contact one of our helpful team on 0845 8943022.