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What are the advantages of biomass?

Using wood pellets and biomass as your primary source of fuel has many advantages, from the reduced C02 emissions to the price stability of this type of fuel.

What are the advantages of biomass wood pellet boilers?

  • Reduced carbon emissions – much less than oil, log, coal or gas-fired boilers
  • Equivalent heat to traditional fossil fuels
  • Wood pellets are much more price stable than many other forms of fuel
  • Available on demand and are now extensively produced within the UK
  • Wood pellet boilers are now extremely advanced and can operate up to a 95% efficiency rate
  • Pellet boilers are widely used across Europe as a favourable alternative to gas or oil
  • Wood pellets can be used by those who are not currently on the national grid
  • Easy to switch to wood pellets as boilers are similar to oil-fired boilers
  • Boilers are low maintenance and easy to control, through automatic settings
  • Wood pellets burn cleanly and are more convenient than logs or wood chip
  • Wood pellets fall under the Renewable Heat Incentive – meaning that users can receive payments for the energy they produce (if eligible)

If the above list is not enough to convince you about the advantages of wood pellets or biomass boilers, then we’d recommend that you contact one of our expert team who can talk you through the benefits of this type of renewable fuel.

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