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The Green Deal

What is The Green Deal

All applicants for the Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI), must have completed a Green Deal Assessment (GDA) before applying for the RHI.

The Green Deal is a scheme which is committed to reducing carbon emissions and costs by revolutionising the energy efficiency of UK properties.

Through the Green Deal, financial support is provided to remove the need to pay upfront for energy efficiency measures. The initial cost of these is covered by the savings made on energy bills.

The Green Deal enables many households and businesses to improve their energy efficiency, ensuring that less energy is consumed and less money is wasted. The main focus of this scheme will be the households who are unable to afford the energy saving measures on their own. Low income and vulnerable households will therefore receive support in order to improve the energy efficiency of their properties.

Why is the Green Deal needed?

The UK has promised to become more energy efficient, particularly in the reduction of carbon emissions. A quarter of carbon emissions comes from the energy used in homes, and a similar amount is generated by businesses. By implementing a policy such as the Green Deal, the Government can begin reducing the carbon footprint that UK households and workplaces create.

Could I qualify for the Green Deal?

To qualify for the Green Deal, expected savings in typical properties consuming a normal amount of energy must be equal or greater than the cost of measure. However, actual cash savings cannot be guaranteed by government since no-one except individuals and businesses themselves can control how much energy they actually consume in their own property. Whilst the consumer has ultimate responsibility for reducing consumption after the Green Deal measures have been installed and energy advice will be given to users on how to change behaviour to maximise the benefits of better insulated, less wasteful properties.