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Wood Pellet Sustainability


Homefire Wood Pellets* from Woodpellets2U are sourced only from responsibly managed forests and woodlands. The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is the governing body in charge of guaranteeing the replacement of trees in woodlands and forests.

To ensure that all the trees felled to produce wood pellets are replaced, we source our Homefire wood pellets from areas that are licensed by the Forestry Commission. This governing body ensures that harvested areas are restocked and subsequently maintained.

The UK has the strictest regulations in Europe, and those involved in the felling of trees require a license from the Forestry Commission before felling can commence. In order to be granted a licence, the following conditions have to be met:

  • The felled area has to be restocked
  • The Forestry Commission has a say in how the area is restocked
  • Replanted trees have to be maintained for a period of time before they can be harvested
  • Only in exceptional circumstances will a license be issued without restocking after assessment under the Environmental Impact Assessment (Forestry) Regulations 1999

As part of our commitment to sustainability, Woodpellets2U promise to only source wood pellets from correctly managed woodlands. This will help us to dramatically reduce carbon dioxide emissions and protect our environment whilst continuing to provide you with high quality pellets to heat your home.

*Our value branded bagged wood pellets do not bear the FSC mark but are obtained from sustainably managed forests.