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Wood Pellet Quality Control Procedures

Consistently high quality pellets are critical to maintaining the optimum performance of your boiler. At Woodpellets2U we take our product quality very seriously, and follow strict quality control procedures throughout every stage of the manufacturing and delivery processes. We perform a full detailed analysis of wood pellets purchased from all manufacturers on a regular basis to ensure that the pellets we supply meet the standards expected of our ENPlusA1 accreditation.


Wood Pellets Laboratory Testing

1. Only clean timber in the form of sawdust, woodchip, or wood in the round is used to make wood pellets

2. The raw material is screened to remove any unwanted materials such as bark

3. During the manufacturing process pellets are tested on a regular basis for:

  • Density greater than 600kg per m3Moisture content less than 10%
  • Mechanical strength greater than 97.5%
  • Dust levels less than 1%

4. Finished pellets are tested at an accredited ENPlus laboratory for:

  • Ash content less than 0.7%
  • Ash melting temperature at least 1200C
  • Calorific value at least 4900kWh per tonne
  • Less than specified weight of trace metals arsenic, cadmium, chromium, lead, mercury, nickel, copper, zinc

5. Pellets that do not meet the quality standards are removed and segregated. These pellets have alternative uses such as animal bedding.

6. Pellets are filtered to reduce any accumulated dust before being bagged or loaded into delivery tankers.