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Woodpellets2u - Our Accreditations

ENPlus A1

EnplusA1 Logo

ENPlus is a European wide standard for measuring pellet quality.  Pellets that are classed as ENPlus A1 are the highest quality pellets available, which is why here at Woodpellets2u we only sell ENPlus A1 grade pellets.

To be awarded ENPlus A1 certification, the quality control systems apply not only to the manufacturing process, but also to how pellets are stored, transported and delivered into your store.  That's because pellets are relatively fragile. It would be no good making a perfect pellet if by the time it was delivered to you it had been allowed to get wet or been handled roughly and had turned to dust. 

Woodpellets2U was the first distributor in the UK to achieve the ENPlusA1 standard for the quality of their product and service. This is the highest attainable standard for wood pellet fuel.

ENPlus takes the uncertainty out of buying wood pellets. When buying ENPlus certified pellets from an ENPlus certified distributor, you know exactly what you’re buying and that you’re dealing with a reputable company that is serious about product quality.


BSL Logo

Biomass Suppliers List (BSL) Accreditation

Woodpellets2U and its parent company CPL Industries are recognised as an approved BSL supplier: The Biomass Suppliers List lists all suppliers whose biomass fuels meet the government’s environmental objectives. From autumn 2015 it is a requirement of RHI claimants that they purchase fuel only from a BSL supplier.


UK Pellet Council Logo

UK Pellet Council

The UK Pellet Council is the body that manages the license for ENPlus in the United Kingdom, encouraging the adoption of ENPlus standards across the industry.  The Council is run by a Board of Directors, of which CPL Distribution (Trading Entity of Woodpellets2u) is a member.


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Sustainable Energy Association

The Sustainable Energy Association is an industry body whose mission is to promote the key message that "that almost all demand side energy solutions cost less during their lifetime than almost every "big energy" solution".  CPL is a member of the Executive Committee of the Sustainable Energy Association.