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If I replace an existing renewable system, will I be able to claim?

The Renewable Heat Incentive was launched in November 2011 and provides a financial incentive to switch your primary heating source into renewable technology. In return, you could become eligible for long term regular payments for the level of heat produced.

There may be some users out there who already own renewable heating technologies and are wondering whether they can still claim the RHI payments. In the majority of circumstances the answer is yes.

Renewable heating systems that replace an existing renewable heating system will be eligible for RHI support. It has been claimed that owners of older ineligible installations, commissioned before the 15th July 2009, would replace them in order to claim the RHI – regardless of whether they are still fully functioning or not.

Although this would go against the principle of the scheme, it has been deemed that this is a low risk problem due to the up-front capital that the owner of the older installation would have to produce in order to replace their system. Additionally, policing the replacement of renewable heating technologies to make them ineligible for the RHI would be difficult and may cause problems for those who genuinely need to replace old, failing equipment.

The process of replacing existing renewable heating systems in order to be eligible for the RHI will be kept under review. If it can be proved that too many installations are replacing well functioning existing systems then action may be taken to prevent this.

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