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How Wood Pellets Are Made

How are wood pellets made?Wood is shredded into sawdust and then highly compressed through a die cast (using hydraulic machines) to create a cylindrical pellet shape. The wood pellet is bound together by naturally occurring lignin in the wood. Larger pieces of wood are broken down in a chipping machine. The finer the particle, the stronger the pellet; and the greater the energy it will produce.

As soon as the wood pellets are extruded from the other side of the wood pellet die they begin to cool. The lignin and binding agent within the pellet begins to harden and act like a glue, holding the pellet firmly together.

In order for a wood pellet to form properly, keep its shape and be transported to its place of use without breaking up, the wood used to make the pellet must be dry enough to burn with a high heat output but still have the correct amount of moisture to retain its shape.

Woodpellets2U pellets are manufactured to ENPlusA1 quality standards, the highest attainable standard for wood pellet fuel.