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Energy Cabins - Simple Wood Pellet Boiler Installations

What are Energy Cabins?

Energy Cabins, sometimes referred to as Heat Cabins or Pre-Packaged Plant Rooms are portable containers that house a wood pellet boiler system and pellet store all in one. They make an ideal solution for many users because they are so quick and easy to install. The Energy Cabin is delivered to site pre-assembled on the back of a lorry, where it is lowered into position next to the main building. The Cabin can then be plumbed straight into the existing central heating system in a matter of hours. As well as being quick to install Energy Cabins remove the need for costly and permanent building alterations and the previous heating boiler can be left in place to act as a back up if required.

Energy Cabins include:Energy Cabins

  • Biomass Boiler (an accumulator if required)
  • Heating Circuit
  • Interface with clients heating circuit and Building Management System (BMS)
  • Electrical Switchgear
  • Ventilation
  • Flue
  • RHI compliant heat meter
  • Fuel Store
  • Fill & Vent Pipes
  • Feed System from store to boiler


On site works includes preparation to interface the new evergy cabin with the existing heating circuit, usually without the need to shut down the existing system. There may be a need for ground works if no suitable foundations exists.

The table below details the size of cabin required, the typical annual fuel requirement and RHI return 0ver 20 years (based on peak load hours).

Boiler Size (kW) Length (m) Width (m) Height (m) Fuel Storage Capacity (Tonnes) Annual Fuel Requirement (Tonnes) RHI Return (£)
60 6.1 2.44 2.89 9 18 124,560
100 6.1 2.44 2.89 9 30 207,612
199 7.2 2.44 2.89 16 60 413,148
300 7.2 3 3.4 30 90 386,316
500 9.6 3.8 3.7 56 150 643,860
800 12 3.8 3.7 69 240 1,030,176
999 12 3.8 3.7 69 300 1,286,440