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Woodpellets2U encourage Coals2U renewable energy drive

As part of our commitment to renewable energy and lower carbon homes in the UK, we are encouraging all aspects of our business to develop environmentally friendly products.Wood Pellets 2U Work Closely With Coals2u

Our sister company Coals2U have recognised the need for creating more eco-friendly types of fuel,as they look to improve the amount ofrenewable energy includedin their coal briquettes. This has seen the launch of an e-coal range - which emits 25% less CO2 and is made up of 30% renewables.Next in the pipeline is an e-coal that is made up of 50% renewable energy - a huge step in the right direction.

Although the new Coals2U products consist of different ingredients, they have lost none of their performance and the smokeless fuel range burns up to 40% longer than traditional house coal.

We'll continue to work hard to provide environmentally firnedly fuel for your home,withwood pellets a fantastic place to start. Made from 100% renewable products, wood pellets can save you up to 70% on your heating bills thanks to the Government's Renewable Heat Incentive.