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Wood pellets "best bet" to hit carbon targets, according to The Times

The Times newspaper has today published an article on the benefits of wood pellets, both environmentally with increased carbon reductions and financially for public sector businesses.

Tim Minett, the chief executive of our parent company CPL Distribution, was asked for his opinion as part of the article, and commented: "There has been a huge investment in the manufacture of wood pellets. Production capacity in the UK is around 600,000 tonnes a year and we are consuming one tenth of that."

It's encouraging to see that wood pellets and biomass heating systems are getting the national recognition they deserve. The Government are predicting that 112,000 biomass installations will be made in the commercial and public sector by 2020, which will cut carbon emissions by an estimated 43 million tonnes.

We are recommending that businesses take advantage of the generous tariffs on offer now, as these aren't expected to remain for much longer.

Tim Minett added: "For a typical school or hospital, you'll get payback within three to four years. So, given the fact that the RHI lasts for 20 years, once you've paid off the initial outlay you are making savings."

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