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Will turning green mean more jobs?

The renewable fuel and energy market is experiencing rapid development, as the Government pumps funding into this industry to try and reduce the UK's carbon footprint in the next decade.

However, as unemployment figures are announced as their highest for two years (2.5million out of work in the UK), will the Government's backing of the green industry be enough to generate the jobs needed?

The UK has targeted to reduce its carbon emissions by 34% in the next ten years, and to obtain 15% of its energy from renewable sources. With such ambitious targets, the Government have to invest significant amounts into creating jobs in this industry.

The majority of the jobs will be medium skilled jobs - such as plumbers, electricians, maintenance specialists and insulators. This is particularly true in the wood pellet and biomass market, as there will be a requirement for more skilled hands working on the boilers as the sales grow.

Over the next few years we can expect to see a boom in the green industry and, with the Government's injection of funding into this industry, it should mean a significant creation of jobs.