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Renewable Energy Creating Opportunities for Unemployed

In July we talked about potential barriers to renewable energy in the UK. One of these barriers was the education and training available for renewable energy. The industry is lacking a workforce which is capable of installing technologies such as wind farms, biomass boilers, and heat pumps, which also means that there is a lack of people even recommending these options to homeowners.

In a new scheme funded by the Jobcentre Plus and the National Skills Academy for Environmental Technologies, unemployed plumbers, heating engineers and electricians will be given the opportunity to study on a range of courses including environmental awareness, solar PV, solar thermal hot water, heat pumps, or rainwater and grey water reuse systems.

This is a fantastic opportunity for unemployed, skilled individuals to become skilled in the implementation of the very latest technologies. An ability that will only become more desirable as the UK’s drive to meet renewable energy targets ploughs onwards, and the domestic RHI is launched in Spring.

Cathryn Hickey, Executive director for the National Skills Academy, has said the following: “We are really pleased to be working in partnership with Jobcentre Plus, to deliver the ‘Supporting the Unemployed into Employment Programme’. Installers who complete the up-skilling courses available will be able to prove their ability and meet legislative requirements and acquire skills in the latest technologies and techniques. Most purchasers have a low carbon commitment and your link to the Academy and its qualifications will offer them the assurance that you match their commitment.”

This training is currently available until July 2014, and also includes initial free registration on the National Skills Academy for Environmental Technologies Register of Trained Installers. Click here for more information.