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£500,000 Training Boost for Renewable Heating

A £500,000 fund has been set p by Energy Secretary Edward Davey, with the purpose of providing training to domestic heating engineers, allowing them to install and maintain renewable heating systems.

A supporting apprenticeship initiative will encourage both new and current professionals to develop the skills necessary to work on these systems, and to gain the relevant qualifications.

Support will be provided to existing heating installers in the form of short course vouchers, which are worth up to 75% of the cost of the training and assessment, up to a maximum of £500 per voucher. These vouchers can be used for training in solar thermal, heat pumps (air or ground source), and biomass installations.

Apprenticeship support vouchers are worth up to £2,500 each, and can be used by persons nearing the end of their plumbing or heating apprenticeship to train in one or more of the renewable heating technologies.  A maximum of five vouchers per company is allowed, and the company must be a small to medium sized enterprise (SME).

Energy Secretary Edward Davey said: “This voucher scheme is aimed at the engineers who give us their expert advice on the heating system in our home - often over a cup of tea in the kitchen. Our research shows us that these men and women are the people we trust when looking for advice on how to keep warm in a reliable and affordable way. But too often, they are only able to talk about what they are most familiar with – and that usually means gas or oil-fired boilers. By taking advantage of these training vouchers, these engineers will be able to extend their advice to renewable heating options ahead of the introduction of the domestic Renewable Heat Initiative in Spring next year.

“In many instances not only will the engineers’ advice and work reduce the environmental impact of heating our homes but reduce people’s heating bills too. A win-win situation for everyone.”

To apply for a training or apprenticeship voucher, register your interest at

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