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Biomass heats up Sky Contact Centres

Sky became the world’s first carbon neutral media company in 2006, and is currently working towards an aim of obtaining 10% of their on-site energy usage from on-site renewable sources by the year 2020.

In September, Sky had four biomass boilers installed at its Livingston contact centre. With over 2,500 staff based in Livingston, the boilers will be a considerable help towards Sky achieving its environmental goals. The boilers will be fuelled by off-cuts of timber sourced from local forests, and will help to reduce the carbon footprint of the Livingston site by 10%.

Fiona Ball, the head of Environment at Sky has said the following: “We’re really excited to see the biomass boilers go into action. They will produce an environmentally friendly and sustainable form of energy which will reduce the sites reliance on natural gas significantly.

“The reduction in our carbon footprint at Livingston will contribute to Sky’s overall environmental targets. Playing our part in helping to protect the environment is key to Sky being a responsible business.”

It is also encouraging to read the reaction of the Scottish Minister for Energy, Enterprise, and Tourism, who said: “Sustainable biomass provides huge opportunities for the people of Scotland – jobs in construction, jobs in the plants and along the forest supply chain, as well as reducing emissions and energy bills.”

A biomass boiler has also been installed at the Sky Contact Centre in Dunfermline, and a Combined Cooling Heating and Power plant, and a wind turbine have been installed at the company’s headquarters in West London.

Sky is not the only large company working towards ambitious renewable energy targets. We previously looked at the policies of Sainsbury’s, who are working towards a target of 20% renewable energy by 2020. Sainsbury’s are currently employing a large number of biomass boilers and ground source heat pumps throughout their stores.

These companies are setting a great example for the many British companies who are considering moving to renewable energy sources, and we are hopeful that many other companies will follow suit.