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£7 million awarded for Social Landlords Renewable Heat Plans

Many private rented properties will soon be reaping the benefits of renewable heating. A sum of £7 million has been awarded to 46 British social landlords, allowing them to install a range of technologies such as biomass boilers, heat pumps, and solar thermal installations in their properties.

This funding has been made available by the Renewable Heat Premium Payment (RHPP) Social Landlords competition. A ‘Reach Out’ competition is currently taking place, allowing landlords who did not apply to previous competitions, or who required some advice and guidance before submitting their plans, to have a chance to receive their own funding. Details of all past and present competitions can be found on the website of the Energy Saving Trust.

The winning landlords submitted bids which were reviewed by the Energy Saving Trust, and assessed by a DECC panel, made up of representatives from EST, DECC, and both Scottish and Welsh governments. The projects they submitted were assessed in terms of value for money, the technologies to be installed, and a range of other criteria. The full list of winning landlords can be found here.

Climate change minister, Greg Barker, has said: “The Coalition is determined to help consumers with the rising cost of living. This latest cash boost for social landlords will help install nearly 2,400 renewable heating technologies in the homes of social tenants, helping hard pressed families save money on their energy bills.

“It’s great to see so many social landlords across Great Britain getting involved.  The second strand of our renewable heat competition is still open to bids so I would encourage those who have not yet taken advantage of the funding available to get on board.”

In June we published an article about improving access to the RHI in Scotland, particularly for social landlords who own homes in rural areas without access to the gas grid. It is encouraging to see that many landlords in Scotland have received funding through the RHPP competition, with 72 biomass systems planned, and over 300 air source heat pumps! Hopefully we are now one step closer to reducing fuel poverty in Scotland.