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Ofgem RHI Update

Ofgem have recently published their quarterly report on the RHI, spanning the period from April 2013, to June 2013.

It’s apparent that companies have significantly warmed to the use of biomass heating in this quarter, if you’ll excuse the pun. 93.12% of accredited RHI installations were solid biomass boilers, with solar thermal coming in second at 3.47%, and bio-methane installations in last place at 0.06%. To many, biomass boilers will have been the obvious choice. They can be installed unobtrusively almost anywhere, and carbon neutral fuels such as wood pellets are readily available from approved and well managed sources.

Since March 2013, the number of RHI accredited installations has risen from 1,238 to 1,789. It’s easy to see the effort being put in by both the applicants, and the government, with only 9 rejected applications before June 2013. £6.3 million in RHI payments were made in this quarter, which is a significant increase on the £5.1 million paid out last quarter. Interest in the RHI remains stable, with an average of 3,800 enquiries made, and 609 new applications made between the 1st of April, and the 30th of June.

The full report can be found on the Ofgem website, and also contains useful information on changes made to the non domestic Renewable Heat Incentive, regarding air quality, and metering.