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Renewable heat set to keep households warm during the winter

With autumn fast approaching, and the cold weather beginning to creep back, many homeowners are looking towards how best to heat their homes during the next few months.

A precarious combination of gas price rises and the bitter weather returning has meant many people’s minds are turning back to wood heating as their main source of fuel. With many households owning a single-room wood-burning stove, there is potential to begin heating the whole house via wood burning.

A biomass boiler, which runs off fuels such as wood pellets, can be purchased and subsidised by the government’s recent renewable heat incentives. This will also generate subsequent payments to homeowners that generate their own renewable heat.

Oil now costs approximately more than 6p per KW/hour, and prices are set to continue rising. In comparison, wood pellets cost significantly less at around 4-4.5 per KW/hour. Sourced in the UK, wood pellets are made from shavings and sawdust compressed under pressure. These can be sucked automatically into the boiler system, unlike traditional logs. The benefits of wood pellets are that they are denser, drier, more efficient and cleaner.