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Renewable Heat Premium Payment on the Rise

 The Renewable Heat Premium Payment (RHPP) is a one off grant which is designed to help towards the costs of installing renewable heating technologies like biomass boilers and solar panels in your home.

In May 2013, the Department of Energy and Climate Change decided to DOUBLE the Premium Payment voucher levels available for renewable heating technologies. You could now receive:


New Voucher Value

Previous Voucher Value

Ground Source Heat Pumps



Biomass Boilers



Air Source Heat Pumps



Solar Thermal




The RHPP scheme will run until March 2014, which will be around the time that the domestic Renewable Heat Incentive is introduced.

How to apply for the increased Renewable Heat Premium Payment.

Before applying for the RHPP, you must be able to meet certain criteria, including having a Green Deal assessment carried out on your property. Further information can be found on the following pages:

Have you already installed a Renewable Heating Source?

If you’ve already had your renewable heating technology installed, you may still be eligible to claim a Premium Payment Voucher. You are still required to have met the RHPP eligibility criteria, and will need to apply as normal to claim your payment.