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Need for renewable technologies is greater than ever


Last week, the media was up in arms over rumours that the UK could suffer from widespread power shortages and blackouts within the next two to three years. The reasoning behind this was fairly simple. Coal fired power plants in the UK have all been marked for closure by EU diktats. This also means that as many coal plants grow old and fall into disrepair, they will not be fixed.

Energy Minister Michael Fallon quickly responded to say that although there is a risk of power shortages within the next three years, the Government would not allow them to happen. Since the coalition government took power, it has seen the opening of six gas plants, two on shore wind farms, two off shore wind farms, and biomass plants. He also confirmed that the reported plan for businesses to switch off at Peak Times of electricity usage has been in place for 20 years as a contingency plan, but has not yet been necessary.

Of course, despite the Energy Ministers words, there is no guarantee that our power supply will be stable in three years time. Anything could happen in that time. Power stations are closing and being left to decay, while the desired renewable technologies such as nuclear power, biomass, wind, and solar power, are not being put in to place soon enough to cope with the rising demand for them.

And yet, the sun is generous with its rays, wind is plentiful, and responsible forestry ensures that trees used for biomass power are always replaced. Faster implementation of renewable energy sources will surely mean fewer headaches for everyone.