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Domestic RHI a tool for Tackling Fuel Poverty

Ed Davey, Minister for Energy, is being urged to widen the access to the Renewable Heat Incentive in Scotland. An alliance of 10 organisations – including Scottish Renewables, Friends of the Earth Scotland, and the Scottish Federation of Housing Associations – are keen that not only individual householders, but social landlords too, are able to access the funds, with the aim of tackling fuel poverty.

In the open letter to Mr. Davey, the alliance claims that one in three homes are currently in fuel poverty, and that the 25% of social housing tenants in Scotland, many of whom are very poor, are the most vulnerable.

Many rural communities in Scotland are living off of the mains gas grid, and currently rely on expensive fossil fuels like heating oil to warm their homes. Access to the RHI would allow social landlords to fit these homes with biomass boilers, solar panels, and ground source heat pumps.

We feel that extending the Renewable Heat Incentive to encompass social landlords, would not only further Scotland’s renewable heating efforts significantly, but will also have the potential to significantly improve the lives of many of its people. If indeed our efforts at saving energy and developing renewable technologies are to make the world a safer and happier place to live, this is a good place to start.

Read the full open letter to Ed Davey here.