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Councils to benefit from Renewable Heat Incentive

The renewable heat incentive looks set to greatlybenefit councils and their funding, according to recent reports.

To summarise the renewable heat incentive, anyone looking to install renewable technology for their heating is eligible for cashback. This means that homeowners will receive money for the energy they generate each year, despite the initial outlay. In fact, a long term move to wood pellets from gas oil would also save money on the heating bills.

In a time where budgets are being cut all over the country, local councils can take solace in renewable energy as a source of funding – with the government set to spend millions of pounds to subsidise this green initiative. A council already taking advantage of this can be found in Wrexham, as they plan to install 3,000 solar panels on their council properties for a projected profit of around £29m over 25 years. Similarly, the local council in Devon has been actively promoting the use of woodfired central heating and water systems as part of the renewable heat incentive.

With the renewable heat incentive set to belaunched nationwide in October 2012 there is great scope for local councils to work alongside businesses and homeowners to install these energy sources and experience the benefits, both financial and economically, of greener fuel.