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Woodpellets2U joins Biomass Suppliers List

Woodpellets2U - Biomass Suppliers List


Woodpellets2U and its parent company CPL Industries are now recognised as approved BSL suppliers.

The Biomass Suppliers List (BSL) lists all suppliers whose biomass fuel meets the government’s environmental objectives. From Autumn 2015 it will be a requirement for RHI claimants that they purchase fuel from a BSL supplier.

More information about sustainability standards for the supply and use of wood fuel can be found on the site or by clicking here.


BSL numbers for all CPL sites are as follows:

BSL0041334-0011 CPL Retford Pellets
BSL0041334-0002 CPL Andover Pellets
BSL0041334-0006 CPL Ipswich Pellets
BSL0041334-0008 CPL Corsham Pellets
BSL0041334-0009 CPL Homefire Bagged Pellets