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Redford Flowers Ltd Switches to Wood Pellet Heating

CPL Renewables is proud to announce the installation of a brand new Wood pellet Boiler system at Redford Flowers Ltd in Spalding.

The boiler system comprises of a British made 975KW Hoval boiler, which will be used for heating and hot water in Redford Flowers Ltd 8000m2 glasshouses. Redford flowers grow over 8 million tulips per year and as a major UK grower, Redford Flowers identified that by switching their oil fired boiler to wood pellet heating they would save around £30,000 per year on fuel costs alone.  

Simon Redden, Manager at Redford Flowers commented   ”We are a forward thinking Company and don’t use any chemicals on our products so it also goes hand in hand to want to be eco-friendly with our heating. The Investment is huge so payback has to be realistic and fuel saving alone is not enough but we believe the right choice has been made and are proud to be able to Install a British, Locally built boiler system.”

Alongside the fuel saving, Redford Flowers is eligible for the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI). The RHI is a government incentive that pays out for heat produced by a renewable method, which includes wood pellets. Through the RHI payments Redford flowers will have a 5 year return on investment on the cost of the boiler system. 

The system is fully enclosed in a CPL Renewables energy cabin. The energy cabin combines a pellet store, boiler, accumulator and all the relevant pipe work and control systems in one signal unit. Manufactured off site, it is then transported to the customer, lowered into place and then connected to the already existing heating system easily, with the installation process only taking one day.

Alongside the boiler system supply, CPL Renewables are providing the wood pellet fuel. CPL Renewables are able to supply premium quality ENPlus A1 pellets at a five year fixed price rate, further increasing the saving on fuel costs.

If you are interested in making the switch to a wood pellet boiler system, or are in one of our wood pellet heating specialist visiting your site, call on 0845 6880013 or enquire online.