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Drax Power Station leads the way

Drax Power Station in Selby, North Yorkshire has recently made the news regarding its plan to convert three of its six generators from coal to biomass, as part of a programme worth £700 million. Drax supplies around 8% of the UKs electricity, and plans to complete the change from a predominantly coal fired plant, to a predominantly biomass plant over the next few years.

In the effort to achieve this significant reduction of their carbon footprint, Drax have had to overcome a number of challenges, the main one being the wagons that transport the fuel to the station. As biomass is less dense than coal, and needs to remain dry, Drax enlisted the help of Lloyds Register to develop a bespoke, industry leading design which carries 30% more biomass, whilst still meeting all appropriate rail standards.

An interesting fact presented by Drax states that “Up to 1/5th of global energy could be provided by biomass without damaging global food production and land usage.” It is clear that Drax ave sought to fully understand the biomass process, and their aim to become the leading UK provider of biomass energy is likely to be met swiftly, and hopefully followed.

Visit the Drax website to learn more, and be sure to view their collection of videos, from technical uploads about the construction of the biomass plants, to a frankly touching story from one of the farmers cultivating the biomass crops.