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Wood Pellet Showers for Festivals


At this year’s Glastonbury festival, the showers will be provided by Organic Energy, and will use water which has been heated by an ultra low carbon wood pellet boiler.

Up to 7,500 people are expected to use the showers this year, but this number could increase if rain causes the muddy fields that Glastonbury is famous for. Organic Energy is taking a 56KW boiler to the site, which will be hosted in a sustainable wooden structure which is being built by Greenpeace.

Most festival showers are currently heated by gas. A biomass boiler would provide a safe and green alternative. Glastonbury has become a pioneer for environmentally conscious festivals, and it would be great to see other festivals make a small change, whether to a wood pellet shower or even something as simple as better recycling facilities.

These brilliant eco-friendly showers are a great way to not only showcase their own commitment to carbon neutrality, but also to educate the festival goers about another fantastic renewable energy technology.