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Condensing Biomass Boiler qualifies for RHI

Good news for anyone who has installed or is looking to install a condensing biomass boiler!

This type of biomass boiler was previously ineligible for the upcoming domestic Renewable Heat Incentive, but has now been accepted on to the scheme, following a conclusive government analysis of worrying pollutants which are present in the condensate of a condensing biomass boiler.

Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) are the product of incomplete fuel burning, and it was suspected that their transference to the water supply would pose a significant threat to aquatic life. PAHs are categorised as priority hazardous substances under the EU Water Framework Directive. However it has now been confirmed by DEFRA that following ordinary waste water treatment, the PAHs would no longer pose an issue.

The Renewable Heat Incentive may be applied for with any condensing biomass boiler installed on or after the 15th of July, and before and after the domestic RHI launches in the Spring of 2014.