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179 Biomass Boilers for Bernard Matthews Farms

Bernard Matthews, the UK’s largest turkey farmer and supplier, have announced plans to install 179 biomass boilers across 21 turkey farms throughout East Anglia. This development will significantly increase the amount of sustainable energy that Bernard Matthews already receives from wind and solar power, and the waste fuelled anaerobic digestion plant installed on site in Suffolk.

The executive chairman of Bernard Matthews, David Joll said: “Sustainability is central to our long term business strategy. We’re already generating a large proportion of our energy needs from other renewable sources including solar and wind, and with the addition of biomass boilers on our farms, we’re well placed to be generating 100 percent of our energy sustainably by 2016.

Not only will the biomass boilers help Bernard Matthews to meet their sustainability targets by reducing carbon emissions, their construction and operation will also create local jobs, aiding the growth of the economy.

Ideal for use on farms, biomass boilers offer a significantly cheaper alternative to traditional heating methods such as heating oil, and most installations will also be able to claim an income from the Renewable Heat Incentive, offering a quick return on investment. They’re also easy to run, require minimal maintenance, and all necessary buildings can be designed to blend in with existing surroundings.