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Creating Bio-fuels with Coal

Australian bio fuel company Algae. Tec is working with power company Macquarie Generation to construct a £91 million algae carbon capture and bio fuels production facility beside their Sydney based coal-fired power plant.

The facility will capture the carbon emissions produced by the power station, and use them to help grow algae, which can be used to produce bio fuels like biodiesel and jet fuel.

Expected to produce around 50,000 metric tonnes of algal oil per year (which could increase significantly over a three year period), there is a strong likelihood that the technology could also be licensed to sites in the UK, Europe, North America, and Brazil.

This fantastic technology means that the rush to replace coal fired power stations in a bid to cut carbon emissions could be slowed to a more manageable rate, as the emissions produced by the coal plants will be captured before they even enter the atmosphere. And with the bio fuels produced from algal oil, the amount of carbon emissions from vehicular fuel can also reduce.

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