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Wood pellets are a low carbon, highly combustible woodfuel, which provides heating and hot water for domestic, commercial and industrial users. Manufactured by compressing sawdust, wood pellets offer a clean, easy to use and an environmentally friendlier alternative to traditional fossil fuels such as gas and oil.
Woodpellets2u pellets are manufactured to meet the highest ENPlus standards for fuel quality. ENPlus is highly regarded as the European Standard for wood pellets and ensures that the customer is receiving a low ash, low emission, clean flow, high energy fuel.  As a result our wood pellets are recommended by leading European boiler manufacturers.

Woodpellets2u aims to be your One Stop Shop for all things related to wood pellet fuels, wood pellet boilers and the Renewable Heat Incentive.

Here you can buy wood pellets on-line, find out about how wood pellets are made, what makes a high quality wood pellet and get comprehensive but clearly explained information on the Renewable Heating Incentive.